Plaza Singapura

The Plaza Singapura Collection

After an extensive makeover, this 38 years young mall has just almost doubled its size with its extension [First 3 levels of Atrium@Orchard + An extension between the 2 buildings]. The old building is linked to the extension via Levels 1,3 and 4. [The new level 1 has an ultra-high ceiling which in fact is the height of level 1+2 of the old building combined!]. You will have a brand new shopping experience to satisfy your cravings! In addition, many of the outlets at the new extension are popular brands, with new-to-market stores as well!

I find that the layout of the new level 3 is not really user-friendly as there are many dead-ends. One of the dead ends leads to a side-entrance of Gap while another leads to a side entrance of Uniqlo, and you’ll have to pass through the “toilet-corridor” or u-turn back to get back to the main atrium. However, level 1 of the new extension is really cool with its ultra-high ceilings [Keep talking about this lol coz I’m really impressed! =)]. I also find the Jelly Baby Family xtra cute LOL. [FYI The Jelly Baby Family seems to be Plaza Singapura’s new mascots.]

There’s currently an exhibition at Level 4 of Plaza Singapura’s history, together with photos of its former facades and interiors. [As of 28 November 2012]. It reminds me of my trips to Plaza Singapura when I was young, when it still had Yaohan departmental store and supermarket as well as Yaohan Best [Now known as Best Denki, but still present at Plaza Singapura].

For F&B, there’s the BIG buffet – 1 Market by Chef Wan at level 4 [Check out the post on 1 Market here!], a 500-seat brand new concept by Chef Wan, a famous Malaysian celebrity chef, in collaboration with Food Junction Holdings. There’s also everyone’s favourite Starbucks CoffeeHoshino Coffee that serves drip coffee, DOME, Marble Slab Creamery, SwissBake, Canelé Patisserie Chocolaterie, Skinny Pizza, Ambush, Bangkok Jam, Nana’s Green Tea Café, Hifumi and much more!

For Fashion, there’s a 2-storeys Gap store [Level 1 for its famous 1969 Jeans and Level 3 for everything else!]. The new extension is also home to a new Uniqlo store at level 3 [This one is pretty big!]. Others include Lowrys Farm, JRunway, Aerosoles, bods.bodynits, Hang Ten, Tally Weijl, baby phat, LEVI’S, celio*, Crumpler, Cotton On Kids and more! The new extension also houses a SEPHORA store too!

Together with the old building that is home to many of Singaporeans’ favourites, such as The Café Cartel, the Food Hall at B2, Tokyo Walker, Best Denki, M&S, Yamaha, Spotlight, Golden Village and so much more, you’ll definitely enjoy yourself at the new Plaza Singapura. Indulge yourself today! =)

Do visit Christmas at Plaza Singapura 2012 too for photos of its Christmas Decorations!

And below are 26 Photos taken from the new plaza singapura. Please click on each photo for an enlarged view. I’ve received comments saying that the pictures become blurry when you enlarge it, but this can be solved by clicking on the “View full size” option at the bottom right hand corner. This set of photos, entitled The Plaza Singapura Collection, consist of 4 different entrance shots, the Plaza Singapura exhibition at level 4 [2 shots], 8 facade shots, followed by 10 interior plus random storefront shots. 

Do leave a shoutout/comment/share it with your friends using the options below, and check out this year’s Christmas Decorations collection at christmasSG! ENJOY! =)

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